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Noreen Sheridan

Linda Gupta

Lulú Panbehchi

Wolfgang Iser

(German theorist. July 22, 1926 - January 24, 2007)close up


The Act of Reading = Reader response criticism



"Interaction Between Text and Reader"


Author -->Text --> <--Reader


Gaps, blanks, etc. Examples:



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Official Snoopy site.


Audio : [Hibbs] Stairs 

Video: Queen - YouTube.

Sculpture : Henri Moore - The negative space



Carson McCuller’s novel The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 


Shelley Jackson’s hypertext Patchwork Girl 

Cortázar's "Continuity of the Parks" - Text -- Video


Three Questions

1. Is everyone’s reading worthy?, i.e. how do you evaluate the quality of reader response, or does it matter?

2. What about misperceptions of what the author is saying and/or is there such a thing as a misperception in reader response?

3. How do we know when something is worth reading? Whose evaluation do you trust?  

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